Rules & Regulations

Prohibited Activities

All students are advised to refrain from any and all of the following activities

  1. Ragging : The Institute takes a serious offence in finding any student indulging in Ragging like activities. The student found indulging in such activity is liable to be reported to the police station for a proper FIR, as per the directives of Honorable Supreme Court of India.
  2. Consumption of any tobacco / Gutka like items in and around Campus area.
  3. Consumption of liquor in any shape or form.
  4. Smoking is strictly prohibited in and around the campus.
  5. Sexual harassment of any kind is strictly prohibited.
  6. Use of mobile phones in the college building is strictly prohibited.

Payments of Fees

All students are required to pay their tuition and allied fees as laid down as per schedules specified in the fee structure. Failure to pay fees by the due dates shall constrain the Institute to levy a fine, subject to the same being paid (with fine) latest within 15 days, after which the Institute reserves the right to remove the name of such student from its rolls.

Fees once paid are non-refundable. The Management reserves the right to modify or alter the fee structure without prior intimation. Students who wish to discontinue the course or else are declared dismissed on disciplinary grounds, would however still be liable to pay the complete fees prescribed for the rest of the course period.

Students are encouraged to make fee payment by electronic medium (The admissions office will supply you with the Institute account details for NEFT transfer). Personal cheques are accepted, however a service charge of Rs. Five hundred may be levied if said cheque bounces. Said student also forfeits any right to make further fee instalments/payments by cheque for the remainder of the duration of the course.


Students should attend classes regularly in order to get full benefit from the course. A minimum of 80% attendance is required both in theory and practical classes, as well as on-the-job-training, to become eligible to sit for the progressive unit tests and the annual and final examinations. Whereas late comers would be marked absent, irregular students are liable to be disqualified, if deemed necessary, with no consequential liability on the Institute. The Institute provides holidays for selective festivals and therefore, normally, a student does not need any additional leaves. However, in case of ill health or any other acute domestic emergencies, students are required to apply for special sanctions for leave through their parents / local guardians. Students who remain absent without proper sanction are not allowed to attend the classes or on-the-job training, unless the absence is regularized by submitting a proper leave application duly signed by their parents / local guardians.

Every month the attendance percentage is calculated and only students having stipulated attendance are allowed to sit for the progressive unit tests, which form a significant part of the overall performance of the students for the program. Students are therefore advised to attend theory and practical classes and on-the-job training regularly, so as to not only qualify for the tests / exams, but more importantly, to derive the best out of the learning and training opportunities both at the Institute as well as at the hotels.


Students are required to abide by the Rules & Regulations as laid down by the Institute from time to time, and also adopt a mature and professional approach towards their studies, their colleagues and their goals.

We strongly believe that a well disciplined student becomes an asset to their Family, Institute and the property where they seek employment. While training "on-the-job" at various establishments, the Institute expects its students to strictly follow the House Rules of the Organization concerned, including dress code, etc. To safeguard the ideals, character and personal behavior of its students, the Institute reserves the right to take disciplinary action (including expulsion from the Institute, if considered absolutely essential) against any student at any time for any reason deemed sufficient by the Directors as constituting 'misbehavior'.

Industrial (on-the-job) Training

In addition to completing their theoretical and simulated practical training at the Institute, students are also required to undertake on-the-job industrial work experience at selected establishments in and around Nashik. Besides these ongoing regular outings the students are required to go for out station Industrial Training for a longer stretch (the duration and timing will depend upon the course they are enrolled in). The well-planned and comprehensive on-the-job industrial training and work experience is essential for a well-rounded education, enabling the students to relate their theoretical and simulated training with the live realities of hotel operations.

Students undergo their on-the-job training at hotels allotted by the Institute and requests for change of hotel are not entertained, unless warranted in extreme situations. Completion of this training as per specifications and periods laid down by the Institute/ University is imperative. Since this is an integral part of the course and subject to monitoring and evaluation, the Diploma/Degree is not awarded if this training is not completed successfully.

Loss Of or Damage to Property

Students are required to comply with disciplinary rules and code of conduct of the Institute at all times, and show due care and regard for the property of the Institute and / or its associated establishments. Any student found guilty of tampering or damaging the fixtures, equipment, furniture or any property within the premises of the Institute, or its associate training establishments, or of their image, is likely to attract not only a recovery of the amount of damage or slander inflicted, but in extreme cases, may even lead to expulsion from the Institute, if considered necessary.

The Institute will further not be responsible for any damage to or loss of any valuables of the students, either in its own premises, or those of the associated establishments where students undergo their on-the-job training, or elsewhere. All students are therefore advised to take care of all their personal belongings themselves.

Accidents / Occupational Hazards & Insurance

Although the Institute and its associated establishments strive to provide safe and clean study/training environments, neither the Institute nor the establishments imparting on-the-job training to the students, shall be responsible for any kind of accidents or occupational hazards to the students, nor entertain any claims for any such accidents or damages.

The students should take utmost care and refrain from doing things which may lead to such accidents or mishaps. To safeguard their interests, all students must ensure that they are covered by adequate personal accident insurance. Although the students are required to pay the insurance premiums directly to the insurance company, the Institute renders assistance in getting the insurance cover and setting claims (if any) if desired. However, any such claims will be settled directly by the insurance company itself, without any liability on the Institute.


Uniforms, as prescribed by the Institute, are to be worn by the students at all times, particularly during class-hours and practical sessions and any official function. The Institute provides the full set of uniforms including kitchen kit, service kit, etc. which are a part of the Uniform Fees which is collected at the time of admission (one time only).

Change of Address

Any change in the addresses or telephone numbers, whether permanent or local, must be communicated to the Institute in writing individually, both by the parent / guardian and also by the student. No verbal communication on this matter would be entertained or accepted. In the absence of any such official communication in writing, any / all correspondence or communication sent by the Institute to the previous address, would be construed to have been delivered to the students and their parents / guardians.

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