Results of Sports Extravaganza 2011-12 at AMRO

17th July 2011 to 24th July 2011

Amro Sports 2011 -2012


Day 1 saw the preliminary rounds of chess, leading up to an interesting final between Nikhil Sonawane (BScHS Sem 5) and Avinash Chakrapani (BScHS Sem 3), with Avinash soundly beating the former.

Also taking place were the qualifying rounds for Kabaddi. These were followed by a well-fought battle between the 2nd year and 3rd year teams in the finals. The Year 2 team walked off the field victorious led by their captain Sagar Raul (BScHS Sem 3).


Day 2 consisted of the qualifying matches for both carom singles and carom doubles.


Day 3 started with the final matches for both the carom singles and doubles. Avinash Chakrapani (BScHS Sem 3) soundly defeated Paramjot Parmar (BScHS Sem 5) in the singles. Carom doubles saw Nikhil Sonawane and Paramjot Parmar (BScHS Sem 5) easily beat their opponents Sagar Raul and Yatin Singasane (BScHS Sem 3).

Equally exciting were the volleyball finals, between the Year 2 team and the Year 3 team. Year 2 were the clear victors with their captain Pradeep Pujary (BScHTM Year 2) smiling from ear to ear.


Day 4 started with Round 1 of the Quiz Competition, followed by the Rangoli competition. Rohit Patil (BScHS Sem 5) was declared the winner, getting highest points for finishing in an astonishing 20 minutes. He was followed closely by Prachi Wagh (BScHS Sem 1) who came in second, and Mohini Goriwale (ADHTM Year 2) coming third.


Day 5 was a full-packed day with Rounds 2, 3, 4 and the finals for the Quiz Competition. After a well-fought battle among all contestants, Mohit Bansal (BScHS Sem 5) was declared the winner. Coming in second was Sandeep Pande (BA-IHA Year 3) and third was Jayesh Gurjar (BScHS Sem 1).

This was followed by the qualifying rounds of the Tug-of-War matches. Going through to the finals were the Year 1 team against the Year 3 team. The Year 3 team, led by their captain Nilesh Varade (BScHS Sem 5) soundly beat their competitors.


Day 6 witnessed the cricket matches, with teams of Year 3 and Year 1 (B) proceeding to the finals.

Day 7 had the qualifying matches for the football finals, with Year 2 and Year 3 proceeding to the finals.



Day 8, the final day, had all track events followed by a nail-biting finish with the football finals. Results for track events were as follows:

100 meter race – 1st : Nikhil Sonawane (BScHS Sem 5), 2nd : Disqualified (BScHTM Year 2), 3rd : Yatin Singasane (BScHS Sem 3)

200 meter race – 1st : Nikhil Sonawane (BScHS Sem 5), 2nd : Disqualified (BScHTM Year 2), 3rd : Rushank Bhimkar (BScHS Sem 1)

4X100 meter relay race – 1st : 2nd Year team (Yatin Singasane, Ganesh Bhide, Bhoomic Patel ), 2nd : 3rd Year team

Football finals were a spectacular watch, most of the match occurring in pounding rain, with the Year 3 team, under the captainship of Rohit Patil (BScHS Sem 5) being declared the ultimate victors.


The teams for the group events were as follows: (only the teams that reached the finals are listed)


YEAR 2 (WINNERS)                                                          YEAR 3 (2ND)

SAGAR RAUL (C)                                                               GANESH GADVE (C)

HARVINDER RAJPUT (VC)                                             ROHIT PATIL (VC)            

GANESH BHIDE                                                                 AJAY SATPUTE  

SANKET BHAVSAR                                                           ROHIT SONAWANE        

DEVENDRA PAWAR                                                         GANESH KUWAR

AVINASH CHAKRAPANI                                                 PARAMJOT PARMAR

KETAN DODKAR                                                             FARHAN SHAIKH

SANKET DHARKAR                                                                          



YEAR 3 (WINNERS)                                                          YEAR 1 (2ND)

NILESH VARADE (C)                                                         SHUBHANKER ANAND

ROHIT SONAWANE (VC)                                                    SAGAR CHAVAN

GANESH GADVE                                                                RUSHANK BHIMKAR

GANESH KUWAR                                                              SACHIN SONAWANE     

AJAY SATPUTE                                                                 JAYESH GURJAR

ROHIT PATIL                                                                  HARSHAL SHEWALE



YEAR 2 (WINNERS)                                                          YEAR 3 (2ND)

PRADEEP PUJARI (C)                                                        ROHIT PATIL (C)

DIKSHIT SHETTY (VC)                                                      FARHAN SHAIKH (VC)

HARVINDER RAJPUT                                                         PARAMJOT PARMAR

KETAN DODKAR                                                               GANESH GADVE

ABHIJEET PAWAR                                                             SANDEEP PATIL

AKSHAY DAWANDE                                                           NILESH VARADE





YEAR 3 (WINNER)                                                            YEAR 1 (2ND)

ROHIT PATIL (C)                                                          SHUBHANKER ANAND (C)

FARHAN SHAIKH (VC)                                                    GAURAV BANE (VC)

NILESH VARADE                                                            BHUSHAN JADHAV

AJAY SATPUTE                                                              PRASHANT JADHAV

GANESH GADVE                                                             HARSHAL SHEWALE

GANESH KUWAR                                                                          NIKHIL MHATRE


YEAR 3 (WINNER)                                                             YEAR 2 (2ND)

ROHIT PATIL (C)                                                                BHOOMIC PATEL (C)

SANDEEP PANDE (VC)                                                   YATIN SINGASANE (VC)

DEVENDRA CHAND                                                         KETAN DODKAR

NIKHIL SONAWANE                                                        GANESH BHIDE

RAKESH SHARMA                                                             GANESH SHIRSAT

ROHIT SONAWANE                                                         ROHAN RAJ

RAHUL KHAIRNAR                                                           SANDEEP SHINDE

MOHIT BANSAL                                                                 HARSHAD PARASHAR

GANESH GADHAVE                                                         DATTATRAY UGALE

AJAY SATPUTE                                                                   TRYAMBAK SHELKE

KIRAN AVHAD                                                                   HARVINDER RAJPUT


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