11 Yearly Activities for the year 2010-2011

1st August 2010 to 30th July 2011


Date: Thursday, 28th Jan2010

Event: Chef Karandak competitionorganized by Sinhgad College of Hotel Management.

Students of Amro Institutes participated for the Chef Karandak competition organized bySinghgad College of Hotel Management, at Lonawala, on the 28th Jan2010. The students were supposed to prepare dishes from the particular regionof India. The Courses were One Starters preparation, One Main coursePreparation with their accompaniment and One dessert. Two students representedfor the competition from Amro Institutes Pratik Dharane (Student of Bsc.HS,Sem-4) and Rohit Patil (Student of Bsc.HTM). The students received aparticipation certificate for the competition.       
Date: Saturday, 30th Jan 2010

Event: Guest Lecture

A GuestLecture was organized on Saturday, 30th Jan 2010 for the Students atthe Amro Institutes, Library Hall. The topic was Career Development, SoftSkills and Interview techniques. Amro Institutes invited a Guest Speaker Mr.Jauhri who is a Director at Skills Development and Placement Centre, Nashik.The session included various aspects like, Communication Skills, PersonalityDevelopment, Mannerisms of a Proffessional, the way to Success, Interviewpreparation etc. The students enjoyed the session and benefited from theworkshop.

Date: Saturday, 6th Feb 2010

Event: Food and Beverage ServiceCompetition

A food andbeverage service competition was held for the students at the TrainingRestaurant and Bar of Amro Institutes on Saturday, 6th Feb 2010.The participants were asked to layout Breakfast Cover in an allotted time.Rohit Sonwane (Bsc.Hs, Sem-2) bagged First Prize, Ankush Kakkad (Bsc.HTM,Year-2) won Second Prize and Ajay Singh (Bsc.HTM, Yr-2) won the third prize.

Date: Saturday, 13th  Feb 2010

Event: CookeryCompetition

A Cookerycompetition was held for the students at the Training Kitchen of AmroInstitutes on Saturday, 13th Feb 2010.The students had to make only the Starter course. The commoningredients and Basket of Vegetables and spices were provided to the students,and they had to prepare the starter in an allotted time. Rohit Patil (Bsc.Hs,Sem-2) bagged First Prize, Farhan Shaikh (BSc.HS, Sem-2) won Second Prize andNikhil Sonawane (Bsc.HS, Sem-2) won the third prize.

Date: 7th- 9th Feb 2010

Event: Study Tour andPicnic: Konkan- a Tourism Destination

AStudy tour and Outing was arranged for the students between 7th and9th Feb, 2010. The tour was organized by Konkan Udyog Paryatan VikasSanstha, Nashik. The tour included sight seeing like Diveagar, Harihareshwar,Janjira, Raigad Fort. The students had a great time having fun and learning.

Date: Monday, 22nd Feb 2010

Event: Guest Lecture

Incontinuation with the Guest Lecture Series on Monday, 22nd Feb 2010a workshop on Memory skills was organized for the Students. The Workshop wasconducted by the Guest Speaker Mr.Arif F Shaikh, Advanced Memory TrainingInstitute, Nashik. The workshop had live demonstration of Mind power and alsoincluded some mind games. Importance of memory, how to build a good memorypower was told to the students. How memory plays an important role in day today life and how it can be applied for various situations to get an effectiveresult.

Date: 2nd Sept 2010

Event: Study Tour to a Resort Hotel andManufacturing Process Unit Students Participated: Bsc.HS- Sem -1

A study tour was conducted for the students to make them acquainted withthe different catering establishments in Hospitality segment.

Visit to Manufacturing Unit:

Parle - G Plant at Gonde.

Products: Biscuits,Confectionary and Snacks

Program: An audio visual presentation in the Conference Hall, followedby plant visit to show the production line.

Purpose of Study: To gain knowledge about the manufacturing process andhave a basic insight of production.

Visit to a Resort Hotel at Igatpuri:

Hotel Manas Life Style Hotel Mystic Valley

Program: Visit to the above properties. Observing the various facilitiesavailable at the Resort Hotel. Presentation by the Manager of the Property.

Purpose of Study: To know the operations of the Resort Hotel. To seevarious facilities offered at the Resort Hotel.

Date: Monday, 20thSept 2010

Event: Guest Lecture onFloral Decoration and arranaments Students Participated: Bsc.HS- All Semesters

A Guest lecture was conducted for the students to gain knowledge in theFloral Decoration and arrangements. Mrs.Hemnani Jethwa, Florist from TajGateway, Nashik was invited to conduct this session.

Purpose of Study: To understand the importance and use of Flower arrangementin the Hotels.

Program: A livedemonstration of floral arrangements- different floral arrangements and itsappropriate uses in decoration of rooms,lobby, restaurant etc. Slide showpresentation of different styles of floral arrangements                                  

Blood Donation Camp

In the afternoon a blooddonation camp was organized by Jankalyan Blood Bank . This was the birth dateof our Chairman Mr. Rajan Soni. All students and faculty members willinglydonated blood to the noble cause. Some of the students, however could notdonate blood due to their phical conditions and they were disappointed. It wasannounced that hence forth this event will be made an annual event.

Date: 22nd Sept 2010 to 24th Sept 2010

Event: 10th HospitalityEnsemble - A National Level Mega Event for Hospitality Education Sectororganized bv (BCIHMCfl. New Delhi

Students Participated: Bsc.HS - Sem- 1, 3 & 5

Purpose: To get exposureand learn through competitions, to develop team spirit amongst students, todevelop their skills bv means of competitions.

Students of Amro Institutes participated for the 10th HospitalityEnsemble - A National Level Mega Event for Hospitality Education Sectororganized by Banarsidas Chandiwala Institute of Hotel Management and CateringTechnology (BCIHMCT)

Team Amro once again went to participate at the 10th Chandiwala Hospitality Ensemble, 2010 from September 22nd to September 24th, 2010. Last time AMRO had participated in year 2008.Unfortunately the team could not participate in the year 2009 as we were informedquite late for the competition. This year there were 34 colleges from allacross India participating. Colleges as far as from Nepal were also there.There were three colleges participating from Maharashtra (one each from Puneand Nagpur). Five IHM's and Teams from Hyderabad,Chandigarh, Shilong etc. Outof all colleges 21 colleges came home empty handed without any prize. Onceagain TEAM AMRO has put Nashik on the National chart by coming SECOND OVER ALLin Prize tally. The first Position went to the host College Shri BanarsidasChandiwala Institute of HMCT. TEAM AMRO stood First in PAC ASIA HOSPITALITYBRAIN TWISTER 2010, First position in CREMICA CULINARY CHALLENGE 2010 andsecond prize in SUGAR FREE NATURA LOW CALORIE DESSERT CHALLENGE 2010. Duringthe Cultural Program of the closing ceremonies Ms. Shweta Magarey of AMROperformed an exciting Classical Dance which was appreciated by one and all.

A team of Eight students and One Faculty member were at New Delhi duringthe competition. Amro had a combination of First Year, Second Year Third Yearand even one candidate from PG course. The students are: Sumeet Ingle, Rohan Soni, Tejas Agrey, Swadhin Mishra, Rohit Patil, Sanjyot Giri, Manish Jaiswaland Shweta Magare. Once again the mentor and the Team Leader of AMRO was Mr. Ulhas Chaudhary.

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